Organizational Security Implications of IPv6

In this post (with a very German, bulky title πŸ˜‰) I’ll take a look at the implications of IPv6 on the security controls & processes in common enterprise environments, based on a few customer projects I performed in 2016–2019. As I laid out in my presentation in the IPv6 WG at the RIPE79 meeting inContinue reading “Organizational Security Implications of IPv6”

Some Notes on IPv6 Bogon Filtering

At first a happy new year to you all!For some of us it will bring IPv6-related happiness (and maybe a few – although temporary πŸ˜‰ – sorrows). The IPv6 world is full of sources of pain & heated discussions, but in today’s post I will discuss a topic where life got presumably easier with IPv6Continue reading “Some Notes on IPv6 Bogon Filtering”

Updated: Basic IPv6 Troubleshooting Commands / IPv6 Rosetta Stone 2019

Hi everybody, This post is meant to provide an overview of basic IPv6 troubleshooting approaches and commands, for three main operating systems: Windows, Linux & macOS. For these OSs (and some specific tasks only) it includes an updated version of the “IPv6 Rosetta Stone”, a website I often refer IPv6 beginners to in order toContinue reading “Updated: Basic IPv6 Troubleshooting Commands / IPv6 Rosetta Stone 2019”

Some Notes on IPv4 Address Space

Most of you will be aware there are currently several initiatives to make IPv4 address space formerly & formally considered ‘special addresses’ – and hence not to be used for common Internet traffic – usable (by some definition of ‘usable’). The motivation behind such efforts is clear: namely depletion of RFC 1918 space within manyContinue reading “Some Notes on IPv4 Address Space”