IPv6 Security & Capability Testing, Part 2

In this post I want to give an overview of IPv6 security testing efforts performed by various researchers in the past. As laid out in the first part of this series such testing can be considered one of the pillars of an overall IPv6 security strategy in complex environments. I will also try to developContinue reading “IPv6 Security & Capability Testing, Part 2”

IPv6 Security & Capability Testing, Part 1

Let’s be realistic about this: the advent of any new technology in a complex IT environment can lead to additional vulnerability exposure and hence to additional risk. Given the fundamental role of IP for practically all communication acts and all digital services in today’s organizations this is particularly true for IPv6. On the other handContinue reading “IPv6 Security & Capability Testing, Part 1”

Organizational Security Implications of IPv6

In this post (with a very German, bulky title πŸ˜‰) I’ll take a look at the implications of IPv6 on the security controls & processes in common enterprise environments, based on a few customer projects I performed in 2016–2019. As I laid out in my presentation in the IPv6 WG at the RIPE79 meeting inContinue reading “Organizational Security Implications of IPv6”

Some Notes on IPv6 Bogon Filtering

At first a happy new year to you all!For some of us it will bring IPv6-related happiness (and maybe a few – although temporary πŸ˜‰ – sorrows). The IPv6 world is full of sources of pain & heated discussions, but in today’s post I will discuss a topic where life got presumably easier with IPv6Continue reading “Some Notes on IPv6 Bogon Filtering”

Updated: Basic IPv6 Troubleshooting Commands / IPv6 Rosetta Stone 2019

Hi everybody, This post is meant to provide an overview of basic IPv6 troubleshooting approaches and commands, for three main operating systems: Windows, Linux & macOS. For these OSs (and some specific tasks only) it includes an updated version of the “IPv6 Rosetta Stone”, a website I often refer IPv6 beginners to in order toContinue reading “Updated: Basic IPv6 Troubleshooting Commands / IPv6 Rosetta Stone 2019”

Some Notes on IPv4 Address Space

Most of you will be aware there are currently several initiatives to make IPv4 address space formerly & formally considered ‘special addresses’ – and hence not to be used for common Internet traffic – usable (by some definition of ‘usable’). The motivation behind such efforts is clear: namely depletion of RFC 1918 space within manyContinue reading “Some Notes on IPv4 Address Space”